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On August 9th at around 3 I met up with Harleigh (@Crazed4cody) and we waited outside for VIP to be called in. While we were in the VIP line, Jeff and Justin came out. We yelled for them to take a picture with us. Jeff Said “Yes but later!” and Justin said “Give me five minutes!” so after they were done handing out the lanyards and doing pastry VIP Justin started taking pictures with fans. So he came up to us and saw our surfboard for Cody, he said “Wow that’s really cool!” and we took our picture. Then VIP was called in and we had to wait like 25 minutes outside before we actually could go in. We went in and took a extremely quick picture with the bing bus and then got in ANOTHER line to actually meet Cody. Cody and Alli came up to the M&G area and everyone went cray, haha. Then Matt came out and Harleigh and I yelled we had a gift for him so he said “Give it to me after you meet Cody.” Then, Flo came out and we were yelling for him to come over but he didn’t hear us. Haha, so when it was Harleigh and I’s turn to meet Cody, we went up and gave him our surfboard and said “It took us two months to make this because Harleigh lives in Canada and is 7 hours away.” and he was reading it and was like “Wow this is no joke! Matt look at this! We have to put this in the bus… No this is going in my room! then he showed it to his crew and they all loved it. While Harleigh was getting her picture taken Jeff was like “Alli look at this!” and pointed to our surfboard and she was like “I know it’s so sick, mom look at the black surfboard!” so Harleigh and I started to freak out. Harleigh got her picture than I went up to Cody and I was like “Could we do the call me hand gesture in our picture?” and he was like “Yeah!” clearly he didn’t understand what I meant because he did hang loose instead. But that’s okay because it makes our picture look really really awkward and funny. Then he signed my CD, I gave him a hug and walked over to Alli! I took 3 pictures with Alli (One SELFIE and two on a regular camera) then had her sign my Wax hand. After that we gave Matt a box of graham crackers with little picture and quotes written all over them and Angie came over and was like “You know… Matt’s on a diet. I might just have to eat these in front of him on purpose.” she was so funny and the sweetest. Right before we were going to leave we asked Matt and Angie where Flo was and right when we said that he came around the corner. We went up to him and gave him Croissants that said “Fiddlesticks” on them (Which he then tweeted a picture of!). He started laughing and Alli was like “That is the greatest thing ever!” We asked Flo for a picture and he put Harleighs glasses on she used for her picture with Cody than he took them off and in his really thick accent he said “One without the glasses too!” so we took another regular picture. We thanked everyone and left. We walked over to lawn seating and got front row on the lawn, which turned out to be really close to the stage! Cody performed amazing as usual and during the show we all know Cody does the hand thing, where when he lifts his hand you scream and when it’s down you be quiet. So when he had his hand down Harleigh and our friends started screaming on purpose and Cody saw us all the way in the back and pointed at us and was like “shhhh!” and we all bursted out in tears and started screaming louder. Fail Cody, Fail. Haha, we left the concert before Big time rush and let other fans take our place. It was an amazing Concert and I just want to thank Cody and his crew for making it an amazing day. -@iyiyiforjustin

CodyExperiences- I’d just like to add that Cody has this surfboard in his room, just like he said to Matt the day he got it. His latest Instagram photo shows it in the background!

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Cody Simpson - Wish U Were Here (HQ Acoustic) 

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Okay so hi, my name’s Mikayla and my twitter is @miikaylasimpson. I had never met Cody before this day and was super excited. My family took my friend and I to Maine(8 hour drive) to go see Cody in concert. My birthday was the day before so it was amazing. We got to the venue and it was right away time to lineup for VIP, we checked in or whatever and I saw Steve, Justin and Jeff. I said hi and talked to them for a bit. 15 minutes later they gave us our VIP bags and we went in and stood in line waiting for Cody. 20 minutes later, Cody came out of the crush bus and walked across the parking lot thing and VIP started, I was closer to the end of the line so I had a few minutes. I was in line with my friend, my best friends sister and her friend. My best friends sister and her friend went, then I went, and my friend went. We had it all planned out so we could film each other’s meet and greets. It worked out. Anyways, when it was my turn to meet Cody, I started walking up to him and I had a birthday girl pin thing pinned on my shorts since it was my birthday the day before and as I was walking up to him, I could tell he was looking at it. So, the first thing he says to me is “Is it your birthday?” and I was like “Yeah! Yesterday!” and he asked “How old?” I forget what I said if I even said anything because I was freaking out so much. He then again asked “How old?” I said 15. After that he wished me a Happy Birthday, I tried passing him a turtle sillyband I was going to give him but I was shaking like crazy!!! I said “Oh my gosh, sorry, I’m shaking so much” He giggled and said “It’s alright!” We took our picture, after that I asked for a hug, he of course said yes, so as we were hugging, I said “Thank you for everything.” We let go, and he said “Do you want me to sign something for you?” I was so nervous I almost forgot lol!!! I said “Yeah omg I almost forgot!” As he was signing my VIP pass thing, I told him that my twitter was @miikaylasimpson. He looked up and smiled and said “Oh okay! Cool!” I was freaking out. Then he said “Nice to meet you!” I said “You too!!!” and walked away, I then talked to Alli and was so nervous that I forgot to get her to sign something and give her gift to her. But oh well. I then went to my seats (7 rows away from the stage) and waited for Cody to come on. While I was waiting, Charles dm’d me on twitter asking me where I was, I said at my seats and he told me to come meet him at the gates by the buses. I went and he came out and jumped over the fence, he gave me a hug and we had a conversation for awhile. I gave him his gift and asked where my seats were, I told him and that he should lookout for us while he was on stage. He said he would and said he had to go get ready because Cody was on in like half an hour. We also got a picture too. When it finally came time for Cody to come on I was standing up and so excited. I sang every word the whole time Cody was performing and screaming it. Charles also waved to me 3 or 4 times during it. When it was really quiet, I screamed ” I love you Cody!!!” He giggled. Anyways so that was the best day of my life!! <3

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Hey! my tumblr is livinbeachlifefeelinright.tumblr.com & my twitter is @ohmyAMeezy. (: i met Cody & Alli on 7/28/12 at Mall of America! when i found out that they were coming to MOA for a signing, i couldn’t even function properly. i was shaking so bad cause i knew i had a chance to meet him! then on twitter, @LovePastry had a contest to win wristbands to meet him, & I WON! i was SO excited, it felt like FOREVER waiting for the day to come! when the day finally arrived, i woke up at 5:30AM to get ready! then i went to the Cub & bought a rose for Cody. then i finally headed to the mall! :D waiting in line felt like an eternity! but i didn’t mind cause he was actually having a conversation with everyone unlike other signings that i’ve been to. when we were in line, me & my friends yelled Alli’s name & she looked at us & waved! :D that got me realizing that it was real life! like it wasn’t a dream or anything! & then when i was in the first row, when i was facing them directly, like eye to eye, i started shaking SOOOOOOOO bad & i just couldn’t stand still. Alli then noticed me & looked at me and smiled, so i literally thought i was dead. like NO JOKE. & she also looked up & down at me, like she was looking at my outfit.. so i didn’t know what that meant! haha! then, just a little before i was about to meet Cody & Alli, i saw Brad, Tom, & their dog Buddy! Brad is so nice, he’s so down to earth! Tom is so CUTE! he was like covering his ears cause it was so loud. AW! And Buddy is SO adorable!!! & then as soon as i knew, i was the next person in line! i was seriously about to crap my pants. i walked up to Alli & she stood up from her chair!

Alli: hey! i love your outfit!

Me: oh my god! thank you so much!

*takes picture* 

then i asked her to sign my phone & she signed it & she asked me who was the other signature on my phone & i said Ed Sheeran! and she was like, NICE! after that, my friend told her that she was her fashion icon & she was like, "aw thank you so much! i love both of your guys’ outfits!"  and i was like, "omg thank you! you’re so beautiful!” but she didn’t hear me. lol. & then i walked up to Cody!

Cody: hey! how are you?

Me: I’m good!

and i ALMOST forgot about the rose cause i just could not believe he was right in front of me! so i was like,

Me: Hey Cody! Will you be my gentlemen? *hands him the rose* 

Cody: Yes!

and then he was all excited & was like, OMG I GOT A ROSE! then he asked me & my friend,

Cody: so are you guys going to the show tonight?

Me & friend: no we can’t!

Cody: you guys should!!

Me & friend: we wish! we don’t have the money!

then he was just like, oh. haha. then i asked him to sign my phone & he signed it! blue one is Cody’s & purple one is Alli’s! (:

& then i asked Cody for a picture! :D

after the signing was over, me & my friend went over to the car that he was gonna be in. there was about 15 girls there! so we all waited for him to finish eating lunch & come out. his whole family walked out & waved at us & went in the car. 5 minutes after, Cody walked out and just waved, & went in the car! when the car started to go, all of the girls decided to chase after it! 2 of the girls were barefoot & running in the road & the security/police screamed at them. haha! i don’t blame them though! Cody then tweeted, “had some girls running barefoot chasing our car out of the mall. that’s grom life" i wasn’t one of the girls who were barefoot, but i was one of the girls who were chasing their car out of the mall. so therefor, Cody tweeted about me!!! :D haha

and that was my cody experience! i NEVER ever EVER thought i would be able to meet him. but i’m so glad i had the opportunity to! (:

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My prom date Cody (7/22)

My name is Tierra and I had the opportunity to meet the one and only Cody Simpson on July 22 in Mountain View, California. Even getting the Meet and Greet passes were drama for me, about a month before the show. I’m originally from San Diego (yes, I saw the sexy dance live) and I was so disappointed when I found out he wouldn’t be there with BTR and I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet him. But then I realized he would be in Mountain View when I was in San Francisco, about thirty minutes away. After much convincing, my mom finally said yes!

  So the day finally came! Of course that morning, I changed my outfit like six times trying to get it perfect. They said to be there by four, so my mom and I were there at around 330. Just to be safe. BTR’s sound-check went long, so everything was pushed back. But while we were waiting in line Cody, Jeff, and Billy Unger came out of his bus four different times, once on a skateboard, once on a scooter and twice on a bike! He rode his bike over to where the people waiting in line for the concert were and said hi to them! I thought that was the coolest thing ever, considering they weren’t getting the opportunity to meet him. It showed he really cares about all of his fans.

 There are two things you should know about me, I’m older than the average fan (almost 17) and I’m fearless. I figured this might be the only time I meet him, so I might as well make it a good one. I was probably the fourth or fifth last person in line, so I was fortunate to have a little more time than the people in front. The girl in front of me was probably about 13, and was almost speechless when she went up to meet him. It was adorable.

 When I went up to meet Cody he was talking to someone, so I kind of just stood there awkwardly until he turned around. First I asked him to sign my shirt, and explained that it was getting sent to Alabama for my friend who wanted to meet him but couldn’t. Then he complimented me on my shorts, which just created this awkward silence. When we took a picture I asked if we could take it prom style. He didn’t know what that meant so I had to awkwardly place his hands around my waist. By this point my mom was almost in tears laughing. Then Brad said “Wow. You guys are mighty close” and Cody looked over and said “Well, were going to prom.” Then we took a picture on my phone, and I continued on my way!

 While leaving I got to meet and take a picture with Alli, who is super sweet. My mom thought she was older than Cody, she couldn’t believe that Alli is only 14.

 All in all, meeting Cody was so much fun; and I hope everyone who wants to meet him is able to. (By the way I was praying that he would wear a tank top, and I got lucky) (Also, his abs are rock hard)

-  rhinestoned-and-reloaded.tumblr.com + @tierragonzalez on twitter

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Hey! My name is Abby & my tumblr is eatsleepsimpsonize, my twitter is codyshreds, and I also have a personal twitter abbyythinn. (: I met Cody 8/5/12 in Pittsburgh, PA! I was looking forward to this moment for a very long time. In the week before the concert I kept checking the weather over & over, and unfortunately, it wasn’t good ): it was supposed to storm all day! So come the day of the concert, it stormed in the morning but it eventually cleared up when my friends and I were on our way to the venue! We got to the first niagra pavilion and we were STOKED. We waited in line for quite a long time & it was very unorganized at the beginning. After the BTR VIP was let through it was our turn. Everybody saw Jeff & Justin walking towards the gates so we started chanting “CODY! CODY! CODY!” & Jeff started fistpumping! (; When Jeff walked through the gates I screamed “JEFFFF!” and he looked so I said “I LOVE YOU!” he just smiled. (: After getting our lanyards we went through the gates & waited to go to where we met him. While we were waiting my friends & I got a picture with the one & only J Stir <33

& then we were waiting in line & it started to POUR. So we were running & I put my poster over my head but it didn’t help AT ALL. lol. So we got to the m&g area and we were standing in about 4 inches of water. We got a picture with Jeff!

yeah ignore my awkward hand. hahah. & then everybody started screaming because CODY SIMPSON walked in <3 We were a little bit above the middle part of the line. It didn’t take long for us to get to the beginning! I was nervous but I surprisingly played it pretty cool! He’s such a normal person. He’s not cocky like most celebrities and is really easy to talk to. So I walked up to him & gave him a hug and we were both like “Hey!” then I said “Can I give you something?” & he said sure! So I tried to get the gift (it was a necklace) out of the bag but I was shaking and it wouldn’t come out. So cody was like “Hey how about I help you with that?” & I was like THANK YOU. haha. & then he looked up at J Stir & jeff and was like she couldn’t get it! & he laughed. (: So then I explained that it was a St. Christopher Medal and it was supposed to protect him while surfing. I told him I got myself one too because I learned how to surf on vacation! He thought it was realllly cool. I asked him if he could wear it for our picture. He said sure & then tried to put it on but he was wearing a beanie and it didn’t fit. It was so funny. Hahaha he tried so hard. So he’s like “How about I just hold it?” & I said sure! 

ignore my hair, that’s from the rain. -_-

after we took that picture i asked him if he remembered rt’ing a video to So Listen back in May. He said he did & I said that it was me! He was like wow that’s awesome! Here’s a link {x}.

& then we met Alli & she said she liked my shirt & new my personal tumblr! (: I got a picture with her too!

Then Jeff aimed a rubber band at me & threatened to shoot me.

So then me & my friends went to get something to eat. Mattea was telling me how Cody signed her lanyard & I was like OMG I FORGOT TO HAVE HIM SIGN SOMETHING. I kind of broke down and was on the ground crying for a bit. Shh. Anyway, so I saw Justin & called him over. I explained everything and he was like oh yeah i’ll take that to get it signed & bring it back to you! I SERIOUSLY LOVE HIM. 

& for the concert, CODY KILLED IT! I was definitely the most obnoxious fan there & I’m proud. (:

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In the beginning of the summer, I was determined. For what, I have no clue. But all I knew was that I wanted it to be the best summer ever. 

Shortly after school ended, I was going on vacation to Virgina, the United States. I was going to Busch Gardens, which is a HUGE amusement park. At that point, because I wasn’t going to be able to use internet, I had all of my interactions sent to my phone. Little did I know I would get a message about Alli Simpson.

I was on my way to an animal showing, where about a hundred people gathered. Around 50 people were waiting around the entrance at the time, with plenty of others wandering around the area. I checked my phone one last time before I would have to turn it off. I screamed on the top of my lungs, and literally started tearing a bit. Everyone looked at me as if I had 7 heads, wondering what on Earth was happening. I struggled to speak words, so I just showed my family the message. It read, "Alli Simpson is now following you!" I started fangirling so hard that I had to step away from the animals and return when I was calm (which took a while).

My family didn’t understand why that meant so much to me. Even if you are an angel, you still may not know. I’ve been supporting Cody and Alli since 2011, and the fact that I waited for a whole year made it all the more special. I’m so grateful, and I want to tell every Allinator/Simpsonizer/Angel to never lose hope, that their day will come. It may take a while, but it will mean *that* much more to you. :)

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Hi my name is Danna & my tumblr is @hoyitsdahnah. Well okay, me & my friend Kristamae (ohshieetkristamaee) already planned that we were going to go to the signing. So, I never had any time to buy these text bands, so she bought mine for me! What a great friend, right? Well we arrive at the location, & there’s about 150 girls there already…we waited in line for about 1 hour & a half. Then they brought us into this air conditioned building, so that was good. Then we chilled there for about 3 hours until we got our numbers. I was #167 out of 400+ people. After we got our number, we left for a few hours & came back for the meet&greet. My friend Sam bought gifts for Alli & Cody, and she said she would put me & Kristamae’s names on there. She’s the sweetest thing ever! Well, when we went to the mall for a few hours, we decided to buy Tom something, who can’t forget Tom?! haha. Then when we got back to the same place for the meet & greet, we saw Cody’s tweet that he’s doing a performance, but when we arrived the performance was only for the employee’s kids. hah. So, when it came to 6pm, Jeff Traynor was walking in the building with a lady from the Text Bands, so a lot of girls were screaming his name. Then a few minutes after, Matt Graham & Brad Simpson announced that Cody wasn’t scheduled for another acoustic performance, but he is willing to have one! OMG now all the girls were hoarding & it was crazy. But, me & my friends ended up really close to where Cody was going to perform! awesomee(: He sang Got Me Good & Wish U Were Here. During Got Me Good, I spotted Alli & yelled her name & she waved to me! Then after the performance, Flo (Cody’s camera guy for the Wish U Were Here summer series) told Cody & Alli to be in front of all of us for a picture..luckily I got in that! haha(: Then when Cody left for the meet&greet, me & Sam ran to Flo for a picture & he let us! For the meet&greet, they took a group of 50 each time, so I was part of the 4th batch! We didn’t meet Cody not until like 8:30pm, but seriously..all the waiting was worth it! When we went into the Hallmark store, we spot Tom, & we give his gift to him! Then we asked for a picture with him, but he said he wasn’t allowed to take any pictures..so that was all right!(: But while we were making our way to where Cody is taking pictures, we saw that Tom wore the snapback we gave him! After that, I was next in line to meet Cody! oh gosh…I tried playing everything cool. The lady that was part of the Text Bands, saw me holding my Cody Simpson doll & was laughing because it was the cutest thing ever! I told her I bought it for $7.00 & she was like wow, but too bad I couldn’t get it signed! It was my turn, & here’s how the conversation went: 

Cody: Hey how are you doing?

Me: Hi! & I’m doing good!

*picture being taken* *feeling Cody rubbing my back & moving his hand*

Cody: It was nice meeting you! I hope you have a great day! (it was night time by the way)

Me: Thanks you too!

Oh gosh, I wish I could’ve had a longer conversation with him, but there were others waiting. So I waited for my friends & when Sam is done meeting Cody,we spot Angie & Brad & say hello! So they said hi back & Sam said if we can give Alli her gift, & Angie said she would tell Alli to come around.So we waited for Alli, & she came! I took a picture with her, but seriously, I was shaking even if it was the second time I met her! She’s so gorgeous & a fashion icon to me! Then after meeting her, we officially met Florent, but he somewhat snook in a picture of me when I said hi because I heard a snap when he aimed the camera..lol. Alli asked if we wanted her to take the picture & so she did! She’s so nice..& Flo decides to kneel on the ground because we’re short..haha. Then before the employees told us we had to leave, I showed Alli what I put on my Text Band & it said “Hang Loose”…so she said it was pretty cool! Then we left..haha. But when we got back home, Sam posted the picture of us with Florent on Instagram & she took a screenshot that he liked the picture!(: Alright, that was my Cody experience…it was my very first time meeting him, but I honestly found out about him 3 years ago! Best day of my summer/life!(: 

- @hoyitsdahnah

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The Day I Woke Up Cody Simpson :) ♥ July 31st 2012 ♥

Hey! My names Heather, or @HeatherxKayy / @HeatherxSimpson on twitter:) And this is the story of how I woke up Cody on July 31st, 2012!

My friend Rachael and I woke up at 6:00 on that Tuesday morning, got dressed and left for Great Lakes Crossing in Detroit Michigan for Cody’s meet and greet. Rachael didn’t exactly call herself a Simpsonizer, but she is pretty much my only friend who likes his music so i took her along for the journey:) We drove around the parking lot looking for the entrance nearest to the store where he was going to be and I noticed a few tour buses parked off to the side of the parking lot. So of course i was like.. “Rachael.. oh my God. Where’s the Crush bus?!” We drove over and sure enough, parked right in front of the Holiday Inn was the bus!!!! WE FREAKED THE CRAP OUT. I drove over to park at the hotel and we walked/ran out towards the bus. There were 6 or 7 other girls already there so we knew they had to be waiting for something exciting to happen. Sure enough when we walked over people started to get off the bus.  A few people got off and walked into the hotel first and then after them RIGHT in front of us, the last thing we expected happened. Alli, Jeff Traynor the trainer, and then Cody (in his pajamas!) walked off the bus, walked straight past us and into the hotel. I probably looked like i had just seen a ghost or something, i was shocked! He said “Hey, hows it going?” and waved at me and Rachael! It was probably THE most exciting thing that’s ever happened ever…. OH my God. Still can’t believe it..

After they had gone into the hotel all the girls freaked out, a few of them started crying but me and Rachael probably looked like we had each drank about 3 monsters and were jumping all around, SO happy!!!!! Flo came out of the bus last and we all talked to him, he was so sweet and hilarious! When he was walking into the hotel i shouted “Au Revoir!!” and he turned around and was like “Heyyy!!” and smiled at me! A guy came back out and told us that Cody would be back out to take pictures later so we all waited outside for him:) We got to know the other girls during the half hour, @gcfthatlex143, @staywise143, @k1drauhlislife, and a few more who i didn’t get their twitters. We all were having an adrenaline rush and could not stop smiling! About halfway through the wait the Crush bus pulled away and we were like.. WHAT? THEY’RE TRICKING US? Someone go run and check where it went! We over thought it way too much.. A white van pulled up and we asked the driver who it was for. He told us it was for someone named Juliana to go to the mall and then DTE for a concert. We laughed, we knew right away it was for Cody! We thought it was hilarious they used fake names, and I asked the driver how much money to get in the van!

It was really exciting when Cody came back out for pictures, he was so calm and relaxed with us and we were all smiling like idiots we were so happy. Before we took our picture i walked over to Alli and told her that i had taken a trip to France this summer and asked her if she wanted an Eiffel tower key chain i had gotten there. She said “Yeah! That’s so cool you went to France! Flo’s from there.” I gave her the key chain and then Cody took pictures with our three groups. And let me just say he smelled AMAZING. Oh my God SOOOO good haha!:D I hugged him after the picture and the only thing i could manage to say was “Thank You!” Then we said goodbye to them and they all piled in the van to go to the meet and great. Before they shut the doors i said to them, “Oh yeah! Hey do you guys all want to meet up and go to dinner later or something?” They all laughed and Traynor the trainer said, “Yeah, you buying?” It was so funny!!:)

We went over to the mall after. We didn’t get to meet him there but I didn’t care, I still felt so lucky that we got the chance to meet him that morning:) When he stopped signing and left the store Rachael and I started to run to the exit so we could see his van pull away and a whole herd of girls started running too! I chased the van with around 10 other girls and some police cars turned their sirens on and drove after us.. lol :P I hope i was crazy enough to get in this Fridays WishUWereHere Video!!! *Cough Cough FLO Cough* 

I didn’t realize it until i got home but while i was getting my picture taken with Cody, Flo took a picture of Alli with my keychain and instagramed it! I’m in the background with Cody and Rachael!! You might’ve seen it already through Twitter, that was such an awesome surprise when i saw it!

So anyways, that was probably one of the most exciting days I’ve had all summer! So awesome, and I feel so lucky to have had that experience. I’ll remember it forever! Thank you so much Cody! #MichiganLovesCody #DetroitAngels :)

Super beach kids foreverr ♥

Follow me on twitter! @HeatherxKayy / @HeatherxSimpson

I’m currently editing a video of my experience that will be on youtube this weekend! Follow me on twitter for updates on that or subscribe to my channel to see it when it debuts!

My channel is » http://www.youtube.com/user/YouveGotMusicVideos

- @HeatherxKayy / @HeatherxSimpson on Twitter

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Hi! Im Cheyenne from @CodysUtahAngels but that account got hacked so we had to make a new one so follow us at @CodysUtahGroms :) First, I should probably tell you how Cody Saved my life.

Many people have asked me why I love Cody Simpson. They say he’ll never love me back so there’s no point. I always reply “Why do you breathe if you know you’re eventually going to die?”. I love Cody and I will always be there for him. Do you want to know why? This is my story.

I had found videos of a little blond Australian boy singing in his room. I instantly fell in love with his voice and his personality. He cheered me up on the really bad nights. When I listened to him I didn’t feel alone or scared anymore. For the first time I felt like I had a friend. I was already being bullied in school because, in my school if you don’t have a normal home life or normal everything its though of almost as a disease. I was alone most of the time during school so Id come home, lock my self in my room and listen to Cody’s covers over and over again. That’s how I connected with my only friend. I almost fell into depression but he saved me from that through his music.

When he became famous, to me he was still that little boy in his room with a guitar. He helped me through another rough period when my grandfather died. Now he was really famous and loved by thousands of girls. I wanted to write to him. Just to get stuff off of my mind but didn’t because I knew hed never read it. I continued to be a huge fan of his as a grew up and I still am today. Now, everything is okay. Its not how Id want it to be, ideally, but its more than I ever thought I would have and its more than some kids DO have. I never take advantage of what I have because I know that so many kids go without. My mom has been out of jail and clean for 3 years now. She turned her life around and I am beyond proud of her for that. I can only hope of being as strong as she is some day.

I still go through bouts of self esteem problems every now and then but I work through them with the help of Cody. Im still bullied every day and I sit by my self at lunch a lot. I come home crying and lock my self in my room some times when I just cant help but cry. I always go back to my old habits and turn on Cody`s music and instantly I realize that things do get better. When I do that, all I can see is the little blond haired boy in his room with his guitar and my childhood friend is right beside me again.

Getting to meet Cody a few days ago was… there really are no words to describe how incredible it was. Getting to meet the boy who saved me and helped me through so much was all I ever wanted. I didn’t get a chance to thank him for all hes done and I really hope I get that chance again someday. I’ve always felt a connection to him since I first found his video and I still felt it when I was standing in front of him. He didn’t know that the he had saved the short blond girl who was standing in front of him. He had no idea that I was crying inside because I never thought Id get the chance too see him.

Now, after Ive met him, I still pray at night that I get to meet him again so I can tell him thank you in person for all that hes ever done for me. Im grateful that I got to meet him once though. Every night before I go to sleep I touch my hat that he signed and pray for all those less fortunate than me. Cody truly is my idol and inspiration for everything that I do. My life is going to be something great and Im determined to do good things with it. The fact that Im even writing this is due to Cody. If I ever got the chance to see Cody again, I would give him a huge hug and tell him, even though it could never be enough, thank you.

He may just be a celebrity to you, but to me he’s more than that. Im so proud of how far he’s come but none of that is why I love him. Id love him even if he wasn’t famous. I love him because, that little blond Australian boy, is my friend.

Concert Day July 25. :)

I got there 2 hours before the meet and greet so I could get my tickets. I was with my mom so we hung out for a couple of hours until it was time to line up. I met some amazing friends in line for the M&G. (@Meganisaturtle , @codys1angel_143 and @codyhasmyheart4 ). We all started fangirling over Cody as Meg was trying to win Pastry VIP. Loren helped her with the question and she won! We were all pretty happy about it. I kinda freaked when I saw Jeff start handing out the VIP laminates. He got to me and I said hi but I dont think he heard me because a girl behind me was talking but thats okay. He took us back to the meet and greet area and told us that he had to bring Cody and Alli in right in front of us because there wasnt a back way in. He told us to be polite and not to scream or run up to him. Cody and Alli walked through the gate and a couple girls screamed but they stooped really quick. I started tearing up because I never thought Id get to meet the boy that saved my life. I covered my mouth with my hand and Cody looked me right in the eyes and said Shhh. I took my hand away from my mouth and smiled at him. Loren, Meg and Daria were in front of me in line so I took their pictures for them. I had to force my hands to stop shaking so I could take good pictures for them. It was my turn so I walked up to Cody with my gift for him and I tripped over the straps on Darias bag and twisted my ankle. I didnt complain but I was in pain. This was our conversation:

Me: Hi Cody!

Cody: Hi!

Me: This is for you. Its a copy of the book I wrote with a letter to you inside of it. *Smiles and hands it to him*

Cody: This is amazing! I`ll be sure to read it! * He handed the book to Jeff*

Me: Thanks Cody! That means so much to me!

Cody: Youre Welcome!

Me: Will you sign my hat?

Cody: Of course! *Signs it, then hands it back to me* Whose taking the picture? *Smiles looking me in the eyes*

Me: *Melts* My mom *Points to her*

Cody: Okay cool! Ready?

Me: Yeah brah! *Laughs*

Cody *Laughs, Then puts his arm around my waist*

Me: *Puts my arm around his shoulders. I had to lean on him because my ankle was hurting pretty bad and I was shaking*

My mom took our picture then I stepped away

Me: Thank you so much Cody!

Cody: Youre welcome! Have fun tonight! *Winks*

Me: Of course! *I flash him the “Hang loose mutha goose” sign then walk over to Alli.

I asked Alli to sign my bag so she did then I asked for a picture. She said yes then complimented my hat. I told her that it was now my favorite hat because her brother signed it. She said awe thats sweet then my mom took our picture and I thanked her then left.

Our seats were in the 3 row to the right of the stage. I was still wearing my hat and I was the only one standing up in the first 3 rows. I was dancing, singing and I had my hands above my head in the shape of a heart the whole time. Cody pointed at me like 5 times and then he looked at me while he was singing Angel. When it was really quiet I decided to scream : I love you Cody! He looked at me, smiled, winked and pointed at me again. That night was absolute perfection! I regret that I didnt tell him thank you for saving my life but at least I got to meet him. I wish every angel could meet him. He is so sweet and such a gentlemen :)

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Okay so lets fast forward when we were finally in the right line. So McKenna (@) Haley H(HaleySimpson_) and I were just talking and getting excited, then I see Jeff behind the fence and said “HALEY LOOK ITS JEFF.” then we started freaking out. Him and Steve had our VIP laminates. So they were going down the line and asked what our name was to give us our VIP pass, when Jeff came by me and Haley talked to him about our present. then after that we were all just freaking out. We cant believe we were actually meeting Cody. So we were fangirling then we saw Jeff taking pictures with fans, AND I WANTED A PICTURE. So I went up and asked Jeff for a picture and he said yes(: he was so nice! Then we went back and fangirled some more. Then One of the people Haley went called her over and Haley and her were talking to Jeff and some older guy? She was over there for a few minutes then walked back with that look on her face like something just happened. So I said “HALEY WHAT DID HE SAY TO YOU?” And she hold up a guitar pick, SO I RUN OVER TO HIM. then Mckenna’s boyfriend’s little sister, Lexi, and her friend followed and this is how our conversation went,

Him: Hello
H: do I look like Codys grandpa? 
M: YES. 
H: Are you girls here for the show tonight?
(He asked that a few time.)
H: here I’ll give you these, but you *hands one to Lexi’s friends* get my last one with me.

We ran back to our spot and I was about to cry. I was so happy. Then they started letting us in, so they scan our ticket and we get through the gate. I wanted to cry more, but I didn’t so Me McKenna and Haley were all fangirling EVEN more. So we were all in line for like 5 minutes then someone started walking, taking us to the place the meet and greet was, SO we got there and we waited for Cody, then a few minutes later EVERYONE STARTS SCREAMING, CODY AND ALLI ARE WALKING OUR WAY AND THEY LOOK GORGEOUS. So the meet and greet started and I was so nervous. McKenna was in front of me. She had to ask Cody to get on his back for the picture but, Jeff said no, so Cody just hugged her for the picture, Then it was my turn, and this is how our conversation went:

Me: Hi Cody!
Cody: Hello
Me: I made you this bear, with the t-shirt. And a macaroni necklace. Then on the back are a bunch of twitter fans.
Cody: This is so cool, Thank you! 
Me: You’re welcome! Can yo-
Cody: I love the shirt!
Me: haha thank you! Can you sign my VIP pass?
Cody: Sure!
*le signs with perfect signature.* (then it was time for the picture)
Me: *grabs Cody really tight.*
I was holding onto him for like a minute because my mom never told me she got the picture and to let go.
Me: Cody, Can we take a selfe on my iPod?
Cody: Sure! *Le grabs iPod and takes a picture
Cody: Thank you so much! 

now, I was suppose to wait for Haley so we could but give him the present, but I saw Alli and got to excited and ran over to her. and this is our conversation.

Alli: Hi!
Me: OMG HI. 
Alli: I love you’re shorts! 
Me: I LOVE YOUR WHOLE OUTFIT, I LOVE YOU. AND YOU’RE SO PRETTY. *after I said that my voice got so shaky, and my eyes were watering and I just love her so much*
Alli: awww thank you! *le hugs me (she could tell I was about to cry)*
Alli: want to take a picture?
Me: YES. *gets out iPod and she takes the picture*
Alli: Awww really? 
Me: *le gets bear* Here, I made you this bear! 
Alli: Omg! It’s so cute! I love it! Now I have a bear to use on tour! Thank you!
Me: you’re welcome! 

Then after that I turned around and looked at Haley and realized I forgot to stay for the present so I just stood there and watched her and her dad talk to him. I was standing next to Alli, Alli stood next to Justin, and Justin was next to Steve, and I said “OMG DOES HE LIKE IT?!” and Steve turned to me and shook his head yes with a smile on his face, SO I watched for a little it then I finally went out of the meet and greet area and I was trying to hold back the tears and went over into the grass with McKenna, Lexi, And her friend and McKenna was already crying with made me want to cry of happiness but I was still trying to hold them back, then a few minutes later, HALEY JUST RAN OUT CRYING SAT IN THE GROUND AND CRIED SO HARD FOR THE LONGEST TIME. When she explained what happened, AND WHEN SHE SAID CODY IS GOING TO TWEET HALEY AND I, I LOST IT. I broke down and started crying. and from then McKenna, Haley, and I were just histarically crying. We were just so happy. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard in my life. All 3 of us were just crying, and crying, and crying. Haley’s sisters were trying to calm us down but we could calm down. Then McKenna wanted to look at the pictures, she saw my and was like JORDIN LOOK AT YOUR PICTURE. I saw it and CRIED EVER HARDER. Then I looked at the selfe we took and I CRIED EVEN HARDER. All 3 of us were trying to talk to each other while crying and we just had our little crying circle for about 15 minutes STRAIGHT, Then me and Haleys twitter friend  came over to saw hi, me and Haley Just grabbed her and cried in our shoulders. (sorry you had to see me like that Tessa:P) but, we were just crying non stop still. then My mom wanted me and McKenna to go get seats in the law, so we are walking trough all these people crying, they are all looking at us. We find a spot, lay our blanked down and cried some more. Then I had to call my grandma and tell her what happened since she was the one who bought me the VIP, while I was on the phone with her, I cried even harder. I hung up with her and went to go get Emily because she couldnt find us, and on our way back to our seat I see my twitter friend and talked to her, I was still crying. and went back to our seat for the show to start. Then I started to calm down and finally stopped crying. SO I cried for at lease 25-30 minutes strait. Then my mom took us to get food and t-shirts, then the concert started and mckenna Emily and I stood up the whole time for Rachel Crowe She was really good! then we had like 5 minutes after she was done, THEN CODY CAME ON AND HE WAS AMAZING. omg. I was so happy to see him preform again. <33 then after his set, we had 20 minutes before Big Time Rush, so McKennas boyfried’s dad came and got McKenna and I, and took us to their VIP seats, WE GOT 13th ROW RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROW, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STAGE. We thanked him so many times, and waited and BTR finally came on And I couldn’t believe how close we were! I don’t really know a lot of songs, but I still jumped around and had a good time, and at the begining, the shot out long strings of confetti and I caught one(; but we had to leave after Worldwide:( it was still an AMAZING CONCERT AND AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. I will never ever, forget this day. <333333333

Twitter: @Codys_Angels143

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Hi! I’m Lexie from @gcfthatLex143 on twitter and this is my Cody experience from 7-31-12 in Michigan. The morning of the concert me and three of my friends Lydia (@k1Drauhlislife), Kylie (@kyliexo10), & Ariana (@ariiiianaaa) woke up at 5 so we could drive out an hour to see Cody at GLC. When we pulled up I noticed Cody’s Crush bus, so I started screaming and freaking out and we ended up going over by the bus first instead of GLC. The bus happened to be parked in front of a hotel so we knew that it was his hotel. Ofcourse right when we got out of the car I was freaking out. I screamed and cried. I guess I was loud because the bus driver came out and looked at us while putting a finger up to his lips saying to be quiet and telling us that Cody’s sleeping. After about 30 minutes of waiting there 3 other girls came up and they stayed and hung out with us. It was raining for the first hour but it ended up stopping thank God. A couple minutes later Brad came out and said hi to us, so did Cody’s Grandma. Brad is the sweetest guy ever so is his grandma and she’s sooooo adorable! They both brought stuff into the hotel and then came back out and went into the bus again. An hour later Alli, Cody, Matt, Brad, and Flo came out! Alli walked out and said “I’m sorry I just woke up” I told her she still looked beautiful and she had the biggest smile on her face! Cody came out and asked us how we were and I honestly felt like he was staring at me the whole time. Once Cody was in the hotel I fell to the ground in tears. I was so excited. Once I calmed down Brad came over and said that Cody will be out in about 30 minutes to take pictures. While we were waiting we talked to Flo for a while and he is sooooo sweet!!! I seriously felt like Flo was my bestfriend. Haha, Flo left after a couple minutes and went into the hotel as well. Then the bus driver was out taking Buddy for a little walk and when he came back he let us pet him! Buddy is SOOO cute! and FLUFFY!! ahahaha! After that, we sat there for a while and 2 other girls came up also. Instead of 30 minutes it took like 45 b/c you know Cody he always has to be fashionably late;) hahaha. Before Cody even came out a guy told us that Cody was too busy and he was already late so no pictures. Brad’s face looked like he was pissed. Brad pulled the guy over and whispered something and said ‘these girls have been out here all day waiting patiently for Cody. They deserve a picture.’ So the guy said that we could take pictures with our groups. Which we ended up doing! Once Cody came out he asked us how we were again and took pictures. We all left and went to GLC after that. We didn’t end up meeting him there but we didn’t care. We walked outside and saw girls running bc Cody was coming out the back entrance so we all ran with them. When we got there we met two more girls and they were hilarious! We ended up getting a gorup of like 10 girls and chased his van!!! It was so funny! Flo was recording the whole thing! When they stopped at a stop sign I went up to the side where Cody was and I did the GCF sign, he did it right back. They were all cracking up inside. It was so funny. We went out to eat and then left GLC after that. We went to 95.5 (our local radio station) and waited for him for 30 minutes but he didn’t come out while we were there, bc we had to leave since I had VIP and had to be there at a certain time. So we went home and got some stuff and then left for VIP! I was the only one that had VIP. We got there around 3:30 but didn’t get in until around 5. Then we waited another 30 minutes so we didn’t go near Cody until like 5:30. When I was next I felt like I was going to throw up. I think it’s easier to just type out our conversation so here it goes:

Me: Hi Cody!
Cody: Hi how are you?
Me: I’m FANTASTIC! How are you?
Cody: *laughs* Good, good. What’s your name? 
Me: Alexis!
Cody: Lex?
Me: ummm yes
Cody: as in gcfthatLex?
Me: Oh my gosh! Yes that’s me!!!
Cody: *laughs* Watcha got there?
Me: Oh! I made this for you! (it was a GCF wax hand)
Cody: wow that’s SO SICK!!! Matt check this out!
He showed Matt and his Dad the wax hand.
Matt: That is awesome!
Brad: wow that is so cool!
He also showed Alli and Tom
Tom: That is so cool!
Alli: wow that’s sick!
I was so amazed on how much they liked it. It was a dream come true.
Cody: I think your mom’s waiting for a picture.
We both laughed then took the picture. & i had my iPhone out
Cody: wanna take a selfie?
Me: oh god yes!
Cody laughed and grabbed my phone
Cody: Smile!
We took a selfie and I was starting to walk away then he said…
Cody: Wait! Do you want a hug?
Me: Oh gosh I forgot, of course I do!

We hugged and said bye. I told him thank you and that I can’t wait for Paradise. He told me to have fun tonight and that was it. I walked off and I saw Alli standing there. I went up to her and said hi, she said I looked beautiful and she loved my shirt. Then she asked me where I got it from and I told her. I asked her to take a picture and we did, then she said wanna take a selfie too? So we did! She’s so sweet! & even more prettier in person!

During the concert Rachel’s performance was amazing. Then Cody came on and I noticed Angie, Tom, Grandma Simpson, & Alli walking past us. They sat like 10 rows in front of me!! I saw Brad going down there a couple times also. Me and my friends shouted BRAD! When he was near us and he waved then pointed at my poster! He laughed and gave us a thumbs up. (my poster said ‘Be My Gentlemen?’) Then, when Cody was done Alli was walking back and we all screamed her name. At first she looked startled then saw us waving and her face lit up like she remembered us and started waving! This day was absolutely amazing. Everything was perfect. Cody performed amazing, and the whole place was sold out! Over 16,000 people were there! I am so proud of Cody. He made this day amazing.<3

Twitter: @gcfthatLex143 

Tumblr: aussiesaregcf

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Meeting Cody on 7/30/12

First, I have to tell you how it all happened……

On 6/24/12 at 3am, my 3 best guy friends crashed into a utility pole and Kody & TJ died right away because of impact. But, Ian was rescued after 45 minutes of trying to get him out of the car. He was sent to the hospital for critical conditions. On 6/27/12 at 12:58 pm, Ian lost his battle and died.
Shelby from the account decided that she would email Matt to maybe do something special for me since I was still coming to the signing. Matt agreed. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS HAPPENING ALL I KNEW WAS THERE WAS A SURPRISE. 
Anywho, I’m waiting in line and Matt is looking for me to show Cody so I’m looking away, freaking out, and breaking my camera. Haha. I get up to the front of the line and Matt says, “Cody this is Kassey” I was flipping out. I went into a hug but he kind of rejected it. Hah talk about awkward. Anyways, Matt shook my hand and Cody was like “I heard about your last week and I hope these next 20 seconds can make it better” by then I was crying in his chest shaking so freaking much. “did you like my performance” he said. HOW DID HE EXPECT ME TO TALK?!?!? Lol I said ya….quietly. He asked for a long big hug so we hugged for the whole time…and they were taking pictures of everything and flo might have been recording it, I’m unsure. The girl finally said we needed one of me looking so I tried to smile even though I had makeup everywhere and I was shaking.  It was the next girls turn and Cody asked for another hug..so of course I hugged him and said bye and thank you. I was walking to Shelby and Natalie and hugging them when Flo pops out of freaking no where chasing me with the camera to get my dreadful face on video. So I ran away and went outside to calm down. Then about an hour later, Jeff comes out to get Shelby, Christina, Natalie, Shannon and myself to come and do an interview for Cody. It was beyond amazing. I want to thank everyone that had anything to do with this. you all mean the world to me.

Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eJqBIgNnCk&feature=plcp

Kassey from @WeHelpAngels 

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I had the chance to meet Cody Simpson on July 25, 2012 in Utah. I got to the concert at 3:00 hoping to win VIP meet and greets from Love Pastry. I got there and  met 6 amazing girls, and we are super good friends now. At 5:15 the people from Pastry picked the winners. I was one of them. I almost started to cry. at 5:30 we went and met Cody. I walked up to him and he took a picture of us on my camera. I gave him a note I wrote him and he thanked me. I asked him, if he could kiss me on the cheek, and I said I could kiss him. It was the most amazing moment in my life. After I was done talking to Cody I went and took a picture with Alli. I showed her the picture I had taken with her when I was an extra in the 12 dogs of Christmas movie. I was so happy when she said she remembered me. I thanked her and left. When I was out of the meet and greet area I started to cry my eyes out. I was SOOO happy. Meeting Cody was the best moment in my life. I am so glad I had the chance. :)




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A day that i will never forget -
The day was finally here, it was finally June 13th and Cody’s concert was today, i have been so excited for this since i found out a few months ago.
My sisters and i left the house at around 3ish so that we would beat the traffic cause in the evening the traffic to get into the fair can be really bad. We had no traffic at all luckily and we made it there before 4. We went into the trailer where we work to go visit our coworkers, we talked to them for awhile and then went to talk to our friend/coworker Lana who would be coming with us, she gets off at 6 abd we have to be at the venue by at 6:15 for meet n’ greet. We talked to her for awhile and then left to go see one of our friends really quickly we talked to her and then went and got our dinner, went back to the trailer, ate, and then it was time to go. Wahoo!!!
One of our other coworkers asked if we wanted a cart ride there so we said sure, we all got into the cart and were on our way, it was a fun ride haha. We got out of the cart and some girls were giving us death stares, we went to where we were supposed to meet and got our stickers for the meet n’ greet, put them on, and then went in line.
There was about 20 people in line and we were about in the middle.
I then heard “Tessa” and i was like what did some one say my name, then i saw Brad but he was talking to someone, since i know Brad i figured he said it but then started talking to someone else, cause my friend and sisters didn’t say my name.
They then opened the gate and we started walking back stage, we were then standing there waiting. Brad,Angie, & Tom were already out.  
Tom had a giant husky stuff animal that he had won from a fair game earlier and he was showing it off to everyone it was so cute.
Alli then came out and so did Cody. Ohmygosh its time i thought.
The line started moving and it was almost our turn, then we were up. I was so excited. I stood next to him and my friend and sisters came we took our pic, and then i took out my song book and asked him to sign it he said yes and then i handed it to him, we then both noticed that my friend and sisters left at the same time, i looked up and saw them by our coworker who was taking alll the pics for meet and greet. "Bye, it was nice meeting you." he said jokingly, cause they didnt say bye, i started laughing. He was then finished i said Thanks and Bye. I asked them why they didnt say bye and they said cause security made them leave. We then walked over to Brad cause i had a thank you gift for him, cause he let me meet Cody, i also had a bracelet for cody, i put my poster down so i could give it to him, and  Brad kindly said “Would you like me to get Cody to sign this?” and i said sure. We continued talking while cody was finishing up and Tom and Alli came over to admire my poster and tom was petting the sand, they all loved my poster i was so happy. Cody then signed my poster and we were off, talking to brad and his family is always fun, they are all so nice. Now it was off to the concert.
And that was my cody experience. @Love_Hope_Music (twitter) tessalynn143 (tumblr)