My Curdy Simpson Experience.

It all started May 3rd, 2011 at House of blues in Orlando for the Waiting 4 u tour when I got the chance to go see Cody, Greyson, Shane Harper, and Camryn. We got to house of blues early and had a pretty good spot in line. It was all just sitting and waiting until we heard screams from the front of the line and could hear girls yelling “It’s Cody’s sister!”. This being my first opportunity to meet someone pretty well known I got up and ran to the other side of the line where Alli was walking up. She was signing something for someone 2 feet away from me when she looked up at and smiled. I said “Hi Alli!” and she smiled again and replied “Hey!”. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to get a picture or anything but it still was freaking awesome. She’s so gorgeous. I kept spotting her at the front of the line every once in a while where she was chatting with some of the fans. Finally we had been let into the venue and we had realized the floor was reserved for VIPS. Yeah, it kind of sucked but I still was 10 feet away from Cody! He looked as gorgeous as ever, and Greyson and him pulled off an amazing show. Shane is WAY cuter than on good luck charlie, and I was THIS close to meeting him at the meet and greet until they closed it. :/ I could’ve touched his head if I wanted to. haha But anyways after the show we hung around for a little while back by the gate where his tour bus was and I was 10 feet away from his parents the ENTIRE time, no one even recognizing them. They looked in deep conversation with some people so I didn’t want to interrupt or anything. Unfortunately again, no pictures. So thats the end of that concert. Moving on…

Welcome to paradise! AKA best tour ever. 

On February 26th, 2012 at House of Blues Orlando, I got to see Cody again and Jessica Jarrell. We had waited around 4 hours since the meet and greet was running late but it’s all good. Some girls were keeping us amused. haha Once we got inside the venue, the WHOLE floor was open for everyone, so we got like 10 feet away from the stage. It was so awesome. When Cody came out I literally felt like crying. I’m just so proud of him, and my love for him as just grown SO much since the last show. It looked so close in real life, like I could touch his face if I wanted to. Jessica put on a good show and she’s just so cute. haha I kept looking up at the terrace and I could see Alli, Brad, and Matt every once in a while.

Well of course the show was freaking amazing and like last year, we had to go around to the gates again. There was this extremely attractive security guard there that kept flirting with all the girls waiting haha. There were so many more than last year! They repeatedly kept lying to us, changing their story every two seconds on if cody was there, and if he was coming out. We had waited for about an hour and a half, and during that time alli and cody had tweeted that they were walking around disney. But still, just in case, we didn’t buy it. Which I’m SO glad I didn’t. While we were waiting they were trying to figure out how they were going to get cody out, and there goes the gate flying open with SCOOTER BRAUN standing RIGHT THERE. Me, being a belieber and a simpsonizer, FREAKED OUT AND ALMOST STARTED CRYING. Later on after this, I was the only one who actually recognized his mom come out and ask this little girl what size she was, and she gave her some pastry’s from the bus. It was cute (: Well ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come to the end of my Cody experience. I haven’t gotten to meet him yet, but hey! Never say never (:

Oh wait! I almost forgot! 

about ten minutes before I was going to begin writing this, I logged onto a twitter account I hadn’t been on in a while, (I’m active now, follow me if you want btw @curdysimpsonxo) just to take a peek at my followers (only 11) and I couldn’t believe my eyes. THE cody SIMPSON was following ME! I had only retweeted him once and tweeted to him once so far! HE’S FREAKING FOLLOWING ME. I can honestly say I started crying.

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posted 2 years ago